Catching up with some imagery…

I just realized it’s been 40+ days since I posted the first batch of pictures.  Since then, I have 2418 (just checked) additional files in my media folder -meaning pics and vids from the camera, the GoPro and both iPhones- . So I have some serious catching up to do.  And honestly, not only for the viewing pleasure of you all (soCapturerry), but also because if I don’t force myself to do a periodic selection, a few months from now it will simply be unmanageable. Need to keep the records up to date… you know, for the grandchildren (for now I should actually only able to say “for my niece and nephew”, but one is too busy partying -she’s 18 and probably doesn’t even know we are traveling-, and the other -the great Stefus, a digital native- most likely thinks pictures are obsolete).

So here some image selection, location-based:


Very small and not-so-attractive port-village, where ferries to the Gili Islands depart from. We spent two nights there at a home-stay so good that we used our own sleeping sacks for the first time, out of fear of touching their sheets. We met some nice folks and took a day tour to the mother temple of Besakih (main temple in Bali) and other important spots in the region … let the images do the talking.

Gili Islands

And then we went to the Gilis. No man’s land, as I’ve said before. Gili Trawangan is the “party island”. You walk its “boulevard” and don’t know if you are in Indonesia, Tenerife or Jamaica. Gili Air is way more laid back. Beach parties, rastafara vibe, a bit higher average age, good food. Very nice. We liked it more (our age being an important factor for it)… on that, I liked something I read about travelers’ age groups… looks like we are in the “young enough to still carry a backpack, but not quite to party all night long” bracket. As my dad would say, such is life in the tropics.

Good days, I regret we didn’t stay longer.

West and South Lombok

Lombok, unlike its western Hindu neighbor Bali, is mostly Muslim. It’s way less touristy and also less developed. Different atmosphere (btw the Gilis do actually belong to Lombok, but it doesn’t really seem so). We stayed at a guesthouse owned by a fun crazy Dutchman, unwillingly took the scooter off-road to explore some waterfalls and -as I believe I mentioned before- also crashed into a 5-star hotel’s gym. Intention was to pay for the day, but the door was open and the desk by the entrance empty. We didn’t complain.  Further south, in Kuta (not to be mistaken with Bali’s Kuta), we found the best beaches so far. Less crowded and -finally- full of white sand, no rocks or coral, meaning no need to walk as if you’re stepping on Lego bricks when entering the water.

Back to Bali: Uluwatu and Seminyak

We still hadn’t visited the south of Bali (Bukit peninsula), so we came back from Lombok and spent a few days there, before crossing to Java. We watched surfers searching the perfect break at the legendary Uluwatu, spoilt ourselves at a fancier hotel to celebrate the first month abroad -also mentioned it in the last post- and went to Seminyak, one of the most touristy parts of Bali. Wasn’t our cup of tea, as we had been warned, but we were curious and hey, time is kind of on our side.

… and so much for Bali and Lombok…  I’ll soon do Java in a separate post, as we still need to finish our stay in Jakarta (spoilers alert: if you ever have to choose, stick to Bali and Lombok).

Bonus track…

– yes, also here –


Jakarta, Java – 1.Aug.2017

12 thoughts on “Catching up with some imagery…

  1. Thom says:

    I hate you guys… but in a good way of course!! 😛 Beautiful pics, and wonderful looking food… So jealous!! Your house is still standing by the way and in good shape – keeping an eye on it for you! 🙂


  2. Kylie Martin says:

    Hello F & S, I love living vicariously through your blog and photos! I love the fruit stand with “lekker’ on it..hehehehehehe!! Great beach shots too……love, love , love the one with Sandra at Lombok. Keep ’em coming. Keep safe. Hugs from Amsterdam


  3. Fleur says:

    Hi there tren amigo…😁weer zo leuk to hear from you and a beautiful pic from’saying bye to the Gilis…wow those coulors…(ok no picie is ofcourse beating my🇨🇦ones haha. No..they are really prachtig! Safe trafels for you both en keep us posted. Enjoy maak plezier en thumbs over there for our dutch women EK voetbal. We made it to the final!!! Adios y tot de volgende keer. Groetjes Fleur

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rixt says:

    Wauw, beautiful pictures! Looks like you are having a great time and found a good balance between treating yourself with some luxury now and then and the backpack lifestyle;) Very good! Enjoy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tony says:

    It is such a pleasure to be able to read about your adventure Fran. It looks awesome, amazing, (insert other such adjectives here). The pics and narrative are just stunning. So happy for you both. Keep on keeping on and I look forward to the next update.

    Liked by 1 person

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