Contrasts of Bali

By popular demand, this time more images* and fewer words….

If I had to describe what I’ve experienced in Bali so far, in just one word, “Contrasts” comes to mind. In many aspects. And this is only one of the more than 17,000 islands Indonesia is composed of (ok.. only 6000 of them populated).

First Stop, Canggu (read: Changoo)

Land of young backpackers amongst old traditions, small bikinis in front of big temples, wealthy visitors served by poor locals, long boards in high tides and short shorts in shallow waters, organic food in man-made shopping streets, deep meditation in tight yoga pants during the day, before shallow conversations and loose behavior arrive at night (I might be dramatizing a bit, I admit 😉 )…

(there’s more below this first batch, just in case)

Second Stop, Ubud (where Julia Roberts loved)

Land of cheap street food and luxurious villas, traditional dances next to modern cafes, hectic markets and dormant volcanoes, friendly monkeys and not so friendly money changers, humble guesthouse hosts who own majestic rice terraces, relaxed atmosphere if you walk the side streets but stressful traffic if you rent a scooter, ever-present kites in the sky, ants on the ground, dogs on the streets and smiles on -local- people’s faces.


* Modest wi-fi availability allows only for low to mid resolution pics… sorry about that! 🙂  (you can always ask for the original, if you wish).


Ubud-Bali, 18.Jun.2017


9 thoughts on “Contrasts of Bali

  1. Francesco Bertini says:

    Gracias, mi estimado!… gracias tambien por chequear estas paginas y por estar pendiente!… abrazo para la Lore y para el clan TripleM! Cuentales que aca hay fidget spinners de a 20 centavos. ja. 🙂


  2. Wagner Costa says:

    Nice pictures Fran. Also good reflections! Coco o Papaya? Los dos! It is a great combination. Enjoy your time there to the max!


  3. cmysea says:

    Love the pics, stories and seeing you guys – although you are on the other side of the world, thanks to ur posts, i already feel like you are telling me the story while having a cold beer in hand (or more beers 😉 ). And i cant believe Sandra is shopping Nike’s stuff 😀


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